Lean Content Marketing (2018)


Today’s landscape of content marketing is warped. Do you feel constant pressure to publish content to a seemingly endless variety of different ‘streams’ or ‘feeds’?

Lean Content sets up an actionable philosophy to enable your business to market itself effectively. With practical tips, insights and case studies, you’ll be able to start writing content that works.


“If your content isn’t already winning you business, the simple solution is to stop producing blogs, tweets, blasts, ads and newsletters. You won’t fall off a cliff.
What would happen if you didn’t send a tweet for two weeks? It’s likely that nothing would happen.
It’s a liberating idea, isn’t it? Just stop, and instead of producing content because you have to, you can start doing it because it makes sense.
Instead, spend the time on working through what you should be writing about. Take some time out to review your actions, and decide if they are necessary, or if they’re making a difference.”


Some great ideas in here. The perfect refresher for anyone wanting to spring clean their approach to content marketing. *****
A very handy and insightful introduction into the world of content marketing. The book gives you handy practical tips that allow you to put your vision into action. *****
This book is a fantastic read and packs so much in. It has some really easy to follow points and I am using the wisdom already. *****

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