Jo Duncan

Why your business should probably use Facebook advertising.


I’m not a huge believer in multi-platform, spammy approaches to media. In fact, as my weight loss relaxation tape keeps telling me, ‘Less is More.’ Many businesses are rightly abandoning Facebook in favour of the more public platforms, or chasing after Snapchat, Instagram or the other next best new thing. Before you write Facebook off entirely, hear me out.

A year ago I began a comedy night and used nothing but Facebook advertising to sell tickets. No organic Facebook posts, no tweets and no Instagram. Through targeted local advertising, I managed to sell tickets in advance for this monthly comedy event, and got over 500 likes for the page without posting organic content. How is this possible? Facebook’s algorithm hides over 90% of your pages organic posts, but the advertising functionality of this site has numerous advantages.

A few words of warning though. Bad advertising in a popular social platform does you untold damage, so choose your words carefully. One of the most helpful tools Facebook adverts manager gives you is ‘mobile view.’ Don’t bother with desktop – 85% of users access Facebook through their phone, so your advert needs to make sense on a smaller screen. Take time to amend and correct the buttons, link text and calls to action.

Facebook say that 77% of business-to-customer firms and 43% of business-to-business firms acquire new customers from Facebook. Well, they would. I say don’t bother posting organic content, but do bother with targeted advertising, because in my experience it works wonders.